At its core, the Ivy House is unapologetically Milwaukee. With cream city brick throughout, the expansive interior feels more like warm outdoors. Guests experience state-of-the-art sound in every corner of the venue as it blurs the line between indoors and out.


906 South Barclay Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204


At its core, the ivy house is unapologetically Milwaukee with cream city brick throughout its expansive interior that feels more like the warm outdoors. Guests experience state of the art sound system in any area of the venue as it blurs the line between interior and exterior.


906 South Barclay Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

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What time can we arrive?
  • Penthouse (aka Bridal Suite) arrival time can be between 7am-10am.
  • Access to the Ballroom, Patio, etc. starts between 12pm-2pm. Earlier arrival times can be worked out with your Event Lead.
What furniture is included?

60 inch round tables (seating 8 guests), 8 ft rectangle tables (seating 8-10 guests), black, white or mahogany wood chairs, Hightop cocktail tables.

Can the Penthouse be used for hair and makeup?

Yes, yes and yes.

What do parking options look like?

There is ample, non-metered street parking and our new, fully renovated 50 car lot just north of the Fernweh Patio bar!

When do we have to be out?

The Ivy House, Fernweh and the bridal suite all must be vacated within 30min of your event ending time.

When can we drop stuff off?

Same-week drop-offs are welcome but must be coordinated with a member of the Ivy House Staff prior to arrival.

Do you offer different rates for different days of the week, for non-profit events, or non-peak rates?

Yes. While we have base prices for certain times throughout the year, every event is unique. Inquire for more information.

How many bartenders will you staff?

Our standard is 1 per 75 guests.

Who do we make payments out to?

Two Birds LLC, please and thank you. We do accept cash, check or credit card.
*there is a 3% processing fee for all credit card transactions.

Is there outside alcohol allowed on the premises?

While libations are a big part of festivities, all alcoholic beverages MUST be provided by the Ivy House Staff.

Can we use sparklers or fireworks?

Yes for sparklers, no for fireworks. But you gotta clear sparkler plans with the event staff before planning on it.

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