Emily, Married on 10/17/2020

“Picked for the space, but recommend for the service!

We picked the Ivy House for its beauty, but would recommend it for their amazing service! We couldn’t have asked for more easygoing staff and transparent process, especially during such uncertain times. It’s hard planning a wedding and doing so in COVID times was definitely uncharted territory. However, Tyler and his staff were so responsive, helpful, flexible, and understanding as we figured it out together. I literally would laugh happy tears when I would get responses to my multiple questions with numbered responses. When I picked the Ivy house two years ago, I loved the courtyard but having it in COVID times was a lifesaver! I was a little skeptical about being outside in mid-October but with all the space heaters and pine-wood fire pits, everyone stayed toasty and helped us keep our guests safe! So many of the other vendors we worked with remarked at how amazing their staff were key in making everything run smoothly! Would definitely recommend them to anyone”